The South Downs National Park

The South Downs Way, a stunning route between Winchester and Eastbourne, passes through the Petersfield area where David Graver Lettings is based.

The path is one of seven treasured National Trails. It provides 100 miles of unadulterated beauty for runners, hikers, nature-lovers, dog walkers, horseriders, families and cyclists alike.

Walk the trail

The South Downs Way provides locals with endless days out. Whether you are young and full of energy or perfer to take things gently, get to know your portion of the trail and you’ll soon be enchanted by the seasonal charms it has to offer.

Inimitably beautiful villages such as Harting, Cocking and Buriton, delicately sculpted into the countryside as though cradled in giant hands, dot the trail and offer many enticing resting places.

Watch the leaves turn on the Hangars in the Autumn, admire the cornfields from Butser Hill in August and explore the Iron Age hill forts of Old Winchester Hill.

If you like a challenge, stonk up to the Poet’s Stone on the Shoulder of Mutton, where you can flop down, mop the sweat from your face and drink heartily to Edward Thomas, to whom the stone is dedicated.

Letting in this area

If you have a property in this area, you may wish to consider that rental properties in conservation areas are in very high demand. Moreover, many commuters working in Guildford or London are drawn to rent in smaller towns as an alternative to suburban life. Petersfield itself is on a direct train line to both Guildford and London, and can offer wonderful facilities for families.

To arrange your complimentary rental appraisal, please do not hesitate to contact Amy on 01730 263291, or by email.